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We provide environmentally conscious design, construction, and landscaping services for a variety of projects.

Our company has been providing Bucks and Montgomery County residents with full-service property maintenance for over a decade. In that time our client base has grown primarily from referrals, a testament to the exceptional level of customer satisfaction we constantly strive to achieve.

In our eyes, full service property maintenance should be exactly that. Menzen and Company cares for our customer's properties in all four seasons. In the spring we prune and in the winter we plow. No matter what time of year it is there is work to be done, and you can count on us to be there when it's time to begin.

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Meet Menzen & Company

Owner and Operator

Jon Menzen

Jon is a family man, a nature lover and an entrepreneur. In addition to owning and operating Menzen & Company, which he started in 2006 while attending Bucks County Community College, he is also a licensed real estate agent. He is married to his lovely wife Sarah, is the father of 4 children, involved in the community, and mentors other businesses.

Menzen & Company Outoors Owner

What We Value

Not only do we want to provide the best possible service to our customers and make them happy, but we want to do it in a manner that provides the highest level of professionalism. At Menzen & Company, we incorporate the following 6 core values in our day to day operations, from encouraging text blasts, to a little friendly competition, we don’t just work with these values, we LIVE them. Our goal is motivate and encourage each individual to be successful in life and in work, and these core values are just a reminder of the purpose we all have.


Safety & Security

Whether it is driving to a job site or operating equipment, we take every precaution to ensure the work environment is protected and maintained. We can never be too cautious when looking out for our teammates and our clients.



From answering a phone call, to greeting our clients, our team prides itself on being the most professional landscape company in the industry. We believe it is the foundation for a successful team. We treat others with the upmost respect and courtesy, ensuring a happy workplace and happy customers.


Growth & Innovation 

In order to succeed, we must first have the desire and dedication to go above and beyond what is expected. We strive to raise the bar to new heights and meeting that challenge! As we all know, it takes a strong and driven team to grow a company together and achieve greatness.


Team Work

Working as a team is more than just working next to one another, it is about working WITH one another. It is about picking up where one falls short and lending a hand, even if they don’t say they need it. Choosing teamwork to be a core value has enlightened us see that we are not just coworkers, but a family, with friendships, dedication, and hospitality.


Community Outreach

Out goal is to deliver the best services to our customer in order to make their homes and properties the best they can be. We also work to support out community through volunteer activities in order to make the environment everyone lives in a better place.



Humility means a disposition to be humble; or a lack of false pride. It is embraced by each individual and the company as a whole. All of us take pride in what we do, however, humility pushes us to admit when we are wrong, and embrace an opportunity to learn new ideas and techniques from our teammates. 

Menzen Landscaping Team Community Service

In 2006, we launched our family owned landscaping business with the intent of helping to improve our community. We wanted to do this by servicing the residents in the area and helping them improve their property. Starting from humble beginnings, we started out providing lawn mowing services and have now grown into a full service property maintenance and improvement business. We offer everything from property maintenance to complete property overhaul and improvement. Whether you need several trees taken down or your entire property transformed, we are here to help you. Our family, from employees to customers, has grown from a small group into a large community. We are continuing to grow and would love to make you part of our cherished group.

Our Story

Community Service Buck County Landscaping Team

Lindsey Menzen joined the team in 2019, Her extensive background in customer service, bookkeeping and real estate has been an asset to Menzen & Company, because we believe customer service should be at the forefront of every business, and it's our foundation.  She is a proud member and the secretary for the Souderton Telford Business Women's Networking Group, enjoys kickboxing, dabbles in amateur karaoke and dog-mom of 3 rescue pups. 


John Dallinga has been with the company since 2020.  He has his bachelors in landscape architecture & over 10 years of horticultural experience. He is married to his wife Kim, is a father of 2, active in his church community, an outdoorsman, and a musician.


Rick Menzen spent years managing restaurants and during covid left to begin a new career, and has excelled in operating equipment and assisting in the daily operations of the business.  He is the father of 2, has been married since 2016, enjoys cooking, and is always up to take on a home improvement project.

Menzen & Company Team

Meet The Team

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